We want Winnipeg to be great for youth 

We want to do this through partnership



YAA is a collective voice that strengthens and enhances the capacity of youth serving agencies in Winnipeg. 



Youth serving agencies working together to strengthen our communities. 

Our Members

Youth Agencies Alliance is comprised of 15 member agencies. All of our members are community based youth serving agencies who offer year-round programming at no cost. YAA would not be able to exist without its members, so we thank them for their dedication to our vision and the work we do. 



YAA will build on our member’s experience, knowledge and resources to increase capacity for collective action in order to speak with one voice on issues related to youth.



YAA members commit to trusting each other’s expertise and having open and ongoing communication with the goal to collaborate to better serve youth. YAA values that all decisions will be made by building consensus, therefore providing an equal voice to all members.


Best Practices

YAA supports training, research, sharing and learning to help stay well-informed of issues and trends related to youth. We value continuous learning by collaborating and partnering with a range of stakeholders (the public, funders, policy makers, community leaders, and community agencies) so that together we can have youth issues on the public agenda.



YAA values the development and implementation of a wide range of safe, constructive, inclusive and meaningful programs. Through participating in programming, youth will have the opportunity to develop important life skills and develop a sense of belonging to their community.


Become a Member

The YAA welcomes applications from agencies and organizations interested becoming part of the network.  As agencies differ in their mandate, capacity, and commitment to YAA's goals and values, membership takes two different forms:  Primary and Partner Memberships.

Primary Members

The core of YAA is the network of Primary Member agencies.  These agencies enjoy all the benefits of YAA membership, including participation in YAA programming, professional development and training opportunities, a direct role in the governance of the YAA, as well all the benefits of partner membership, in return for active and regular engagement with our ongoing work, strategic planning, best practices, and consensus-based governance model.

To be eligible for Primary Member status, agencies must be an incorporated child- or youth-serving agency located in Winnipeg, offering regularly scheduled year-round programming at no cost to participants.

Interested in becoming a Primary Member?  Fill out an application, or contact the YAA Director for more information.

Partner Members

Many agencies and organizations are engaged in work that is complimentary to the vision of the YAA despite not meeting all the criteria for Primary Membership.  We are pleased to offer these agencies the opportunity to become Partner Members.  Partner Members have the opportunity to attend quarterly full membership meetings, take part in information sharing, build stakeholder partnerships, develop policy, and share support and comradery with their peers.


To be eligible for Partner Member status, agencies must be stakeholders working towards the YAA's vision, provide funding or in-kind support to the YAA and its initiatives, or be vendors to the YAA.


Interested in becoming a partner member?  Fill out an application, or contact the YAA Director for more information.