Collaborative Art Show

Each year youth from YAA agencies come together for a series of art-based workshops. They are able to work collectively, build relationships and foster creativity throughout this project. 

During the summer we have a public exhibition where the creative and often stunning results are shown to the broader community of Winnipeg. 

For more information on past art projects, please flip through the online verion of our book "We Are Community".

2019: potluck pARTy

Believe us, you're going to want to watch this. Disclaimer: it will make you smile (and maybe a bit hungry).

The annual Youth Agencies Alliance Collaborative Art Show brings together youth aged 10 - 14 from different neighbourhoods to create art based on a central theme and medium. This year the potluck pARTy focused on global awareness and promoting cultural understanding. The medium had youth replicate their favourite foods using art supplies.

Read the full Art Show Report here.


The 2018 YAA Art Show “Word on the Street” used film to define popular buzzwords that we hear every day in the news, on social media, and in conversation. Over one week in July, artists from Art City and Graffiti Art Programming as well as a number of specialized mentors came together to facilitate 9 art workshops for 129 youth.

“Word on the Street” allowed youth to explore broadcasting and took our project to a new and exciting location, the Forks. During the workshop, each participant got to choose which part of a news broadcast speciality they wanted to master. They could either be a reporter, camera operator, sound technician, hair and make-up artist or costume designer. What made this project so successful were the awesome mentors that specialised in each field that mentored youth in their role. The mentors supported participants as they took the project to the streets and interviewed the general public at the forks about buzzwords. Each day had a “Buzzword of the Day”, challenging youth to explore and learn about the words Community, Truth, Power, Reconciliation and Diversity.

The 2018 Art Show program was possible thanks to the support from the Winnipeg Foundation, the United Way of Winnipeg, and the Province of Manitoba, as well as partnership with Video Pool Media Arts Centre. .

2018: Word on the Street - News Segment

The 2018 Art Show Workshops compilation video showcasing the different perspectives people at the Forks have about the buzzwords Community, Truth, Power, Reconciliation, and Diversity. 

2017: Community of Strength

This year’s YAA Art Show: “Community of Strength” focused on personal strengths, and the importance of being able to identify one's strength. In July, artists from Art City, Graffiti Art Programming and North End Art Centre (Ndinawe) facilitated a series of Community of Strength workshops. 130 youth from 16 of the 18 youth-serving organizations across the city that make up the Youth Agencies Alliance, participated in the project.

During the workshops, youth were asked to think about their strengths and what it means to be apart of a community. Using sculpey (clay), they created different communities of strength that reflect and encourage individuality, creativity, and collaboration. Participants left the art workshops feeling positively about themselves and have recognized their purpose and belonging in the community. We hired JustTV, a youth program run by Broadway Neighbourhood Centre, to produce a mini documentary for our project. Watch the video to check out the process of the art workshops and witness the Art Show participants’ journeys to embracing a sense of value, purpose and creativity.

2016: #YouthBreakingBarriers

Youth Agencies Alliance (YAA) has come together once again to host an art show with the intention of helping youth explore belonging, urban & world issues, and human rights from a positive perspective.


Artists from Art City, Graffiti Art Programming and North End Art Centre (Ndinawe) facilitated a series of workshops with over 130 participants from the 18 youth-serving organizations across the city that make up the Youth Agencies Alliance. In these workshops we asked youth to discuss barriers in their lives, and they have created artwork and a unique hashtag reflecting their ideas for solutions to breaking down these barriers. We hope that by being part of this project, youth will feel empowered and become actively engaged in discussions within their own communities.

2015: When I Grow Up...

The question youth hear from adults all the time is, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Why don’t we ever ask, “WHO do you want to be?.” For this year’s Youth Agencies Alliance Annual Art Show we have!  Through an innovative series of art workshops, we have discovered the types of people Winnipeg youth want to become; the types of characteristics they will have and how they will demonstrate those characteristics.


140 youth came together during the workshop sessions to illustrate WHO they will be. There were several components to the workshops including drawing, costume design, photography and film, so there was something for everyone! Local artists from Art City, Graffiti Art Programming and the North End Arts Centre facilitated the workshops and ensured that every youth’s vision was achieved.


This program is possible thanks to the support of The Winnipeg Foundation, United Way of Winnipeg, Manitoba Children and Youth Opportunities – MB4Youth, and Manitoba Tourism, Culture, Heritage, Sport and Consumer Protection.

2014: What's In Your Brain?

This year we invited youth to answer the question, "What's in Your Brain?" The purpose of this was to give youth the opportunity to explore their inner hopes, dreams and fears through visual art. Together they created a space that reflects the emotional landscape of the young people in our city. We invited viewers to essentially walk into the collective conciousness of Winnipeg's youth. 

In addition to a documentary produced by JustTV, we compiled a time lapse video of the gallery space coming together during the week of workshop sessions. Thanks to aceartinc. for the use of their gallery! 


Workshops were led by YAA members Art City, Graffiti Art Programming and Ndinawemaaganag Endaawaad. This project was made possible thanks to the support from United Way of Winnipeg, The Winnipeg Foundation, Manitoba Children and Youth Opportunities (MB4 Youth) and Manitoba Tourism, Culture, Sport and Consumer Protection. 

2013: Our Winnipeg

Approximately 160 youth from the Youth Agencies Alliance (YAA) collaborated on a diorama of their ideal version of Winnipeg. The diorama will showcase buildings and spaces youth want to change or highlight in their neighbourhoods—the possibilities were limitless and the results are an exciting, often unheard perspective of how younger generations would shape their city.


Workshops were led by YAA members Art City and Graffiti Art Programming. Thanks to JustTV for the production of this documentary. This program was made possible with the support from United Way of Winnipeg, The Winnipeg Foundation, Winnipeg Richardson International Airport and Rotary Club of Winnipeg.

2012: The Great Animation

2012's annual art show title is THE GREAT ANIMATION. 200 youth got together and created a stop motion animation film. One group would pick up where the last group left off and the results were amazing. We debuted the film & a featurette about the "making of" September 17th at The Globe Cinema, hosted by Virgin 103's Ace Burpee. It was a big success!

To recognize their commitment to youth living in the City of Winnipeg, the YAA extends a special thanks to those contributing to the 2012 YAA Annual Art Project. Thank you to our funders: Assiniboine Credit Union, Winnipeg Foundation, United Way of Winnipeg and Leanne Palylyk Children's Foundation. YAA relies on the voluntary participation of partners from across Winnipeg. We extend our thanks to everyone who has lent us their time and support: All the member agencies of YAA, Just TV, Art City Inc. and of course all of our youth who participated!

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