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Jessica has a Master’s in Political Science from the University of Manitoba and Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Escola Superior de Administração e Marketing, Brazil. She has been volunteering and employed with the charitable and non-profit sector with a focus in youth, women’s issues, and community building. She believes that in order to create a more just society we need to rethink and reconstruct our social norms and relations. Accordingly, Jessica wants to be an active member and supporter of organizations, programs, initiatives, and movements that transcend our so-called normal, creating a society that prioritizes equity, justice, respect for nature and all forms of life, and a better future for everyone.


Program Coordinator

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Amanda grew up in Winnipeg and was fortunate to participate in a variety of community programs. Understanding the benefits and relationships that can be formed through this programming, she wanted to work in the community development field and help give youth those same experiences. Her education includes a Master of Arts in Kinesiology and Recreation Management from the University of Manitoba. Amanda is an official member of the United Way Winnipeg Speakers' Bureau and is passionate about outdoor recreation, program planning, and working with youth.


Evaluation Coordinator

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Sandy has spent over ten years in the not-for-profit educational sector as a volunteer, teacher, lead consultant, and program coordinator. As the Evaluation Coordinator she supports quality development at the organizational and point-of-service levels across the Youth Agencies Alliance network. Sandy graduated from Brazilian and Australian universities in Education, Mathematics and Statistics, and continues to explore ideas and research in quantitative fields. She enjoys gardening, listening to music, and spending time in nature. 


Program Assistant

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Chiedza has a degree in Health Studies from the University of Manitoba with a Minor in both Indigenous Studies and Psychology. While getting her degree, Chiedza worked with several non-profit organizations in Winnipeg and Zimbabwe. She is passionate about giving youth, women, and underrepresented people a platform for their voices to be heard and their creativity to be seen.