Youth Council 



As an alliance, we want to make sure we are meeting the needs of our youth and hearing directly from them is the best way to do that. We value the opinions of youth and want to ensure we are providing an outlet for them to share those. If there are issues or trends the youth identify there will also be the opportunity for YAA to advocate on their behalf. We are very excited about this addition to the YAA repertoire and we believe it has the potential to become our strongest program. 

Mission: The YAA Youth Council is a voice for youth seeking change in their communities to come together as leaders and discover ways to eliminate and reduce barriers.

Vision: We want Winnipeg to be a safe, healthy environment where community members are equal and united and have access to the resources they need to thrive.

Top 4 Priorities

Discrimination: End Discrimination

What youth want to see in Winnipeg:

  • Unity!

  • Happier communities

  • Race and gender equality

  • No stereotyping

  • Multi-cultural work environments

  • Equality in schools

  • Acceptance and open-mindedness that come from knowledge and understanding

Education: Improve Curriculum in Manitoba Schools

What youth want to see in Winnipeg:

  • Integrate different learning styles

  • Students and teachers should help determine curriculum

  • Healthy lunches/nutrition education

  • Better preparation for post-secondary school

  • Interactive learning

  • More upgrading programs

  • More cultural education

  • More comprehensive education re: sex and drugs

  • Students leave school prepared to live life

Mental Health: Increase Awareness and Resources for Mental Health

What youth want to see in Winnipeg:

  • End stigma around mental health

  • More mental health funding

  • Publicly funded mental health organization

  • Promote mental health resources and education, expand resources

  • Help people living with mental illness

  • Broaden the idea of what "acceptable" mental health resources are

Public Safety: A Safe Winnipeg

What youth want to see in Winnipeg:

  • More food banks; youth food banks

  • Police to be educated, well trained and culturally sensitive

  • Police to be more approachable, in communities and involved in community events

  • 24/7 drop in areas in each neighbourhood

  • Less crime

  • End homelessness

  • Better public transportation

Youth Crime and Safety Survey

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